A camp and crazy rock'n' roll movie


Featuring queen of erotica Kitten Natividad (Russ
Meyer’s ex-muse), cult retro rocker King Khan, Mexican
Elvis El Vez, narration by Aussie rock devil Tex Perkins
and a stomping soundtrack by some of Melbourne’s
finest garage rockers, Fags in the Fast Lane is set in
a hyper-real world packed with bizarre characters,
revolting villains, and larger than life heroes.

When Beau and his herculean sidekick set off to avenge a
spree of violent attacks on his fellow gays, he is waylaid on
a vital mission for his beloved mama, Kitten when her GILF
bordello is robbed by the giantess leader of a grotesque
burlesque show. With the help of a lethal cross dressing
Persian Princess and a Bollywood eunuch assassin, this
unlikely team of avengers set off to retrieve the lost booty
in a full-throttle, rock n roll feast of camp destruction and
dangerous dance numbers.
Will they be able to recover Kitten’s beloved jewels and
magical golden phallus?

SMASH!  Sir Beauregard and his sidekick, Lump take
on a vicious gang of thugs in a ferocious fistfight at
a popular cruizing spot. They take their tasty leader
Squirt, son of the corrupt police chief, hostage.

OOH LALA!  Beau’s mama Kitten gets saucy at her GILF
Bordello only to be backstabbed by her best girl Billie
Jean. She ransacks the place with her giantess lover
Wanda and the Chompers Grotesque Burlesque gang.
Can Beau recover Kitten’s Fortune?
Beau and Lump are off on a roadtrip packed with lurid
liaisons and sleazy encounters.

CHOP!  Only mighty transvestite Salome can help, but
where is she? Hiding out from a disastrous love affiair
in McBastard’s redneck lunchbar. This can only end one
way... in a mixture of blood, sequins and meat pies!

ZAM!  On the trail of the Chompers, it’s off to Bollywood
den of iniquity the ‘Bang Galore’, home of underworld
Kingpin and pornographer Sheer Khan. Hijra his deadly
assassin and star performer, longing for his magical
golden cock, joins the growing gang of gay avengers.

SPLASH! Squirt escapes into a murky swamp of his own
fruity desires, succumbing to the forces of nature, he is
rescued from the quicksand by Beau. Damn him!

OOOOH!  A cadre of androgynous Elvises drape
themselves with Kitten’s finest jewels whilst mixing
poison cocktails and setting deadly Tiki Traps.

OUCH!  Lump is vilely tortured in a rusty outback shed
by the nefarious techno geek Hindlick.

HOLY MOLY!  Salome is worshipped and adored by the
secret Aztec sex cultists. Is she the reincarnation of the
breasted serpent SheMali?

SQUISH!  Hijra is crushed by the Chompers in their
fiendish maze of death!

KABAAM!  It’s a wrestling, disco fired swashbuckling
showdown in ‘Freaky Town’, home to the Chompers
and desert refuge of innumerable deviants and
mutants. As the characters collide, only the possessor
of the golden cock can triumph!


Zombie Zoo Productions    Melbourne    Australia             
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